What is Ecava Integraxor?


Ecava Integraxor is a WEB SCADA system providing all the tools needed to create projects of variable complexity, sometimes not even requiring programming experience.

Since Integraxor is a WEB SCADA, the graphical interface can be configured by modifying or adding HTML and CSS code. Adding logic to the project can be done by using JavaScript (it is used both in internal scripts and the browser part), meaning that everyone with JavaScript knowledge can start building SCADA systems using Ecava Integraxor now! Growing complexity of the project might result in a need of storing any kind of data which can easily be done since you can configure database connection and access, modify and delete its data both from internal Integraxor scripts or the browser part.

Even if you do not have any experience with any of the listed languages, you can still make projects with system element value indication on the SVG images (you basically configure how the SCADA page will look and behave by modifying the image and its elements in the Inkscape SAGE software) and charts with values of the system elements. Since there are a lot of free tutorials and articles on these languages online, you can learn them even by yourself and start building SCADA systems!

Once you start coding the SCADA system yourself, you are free to make it look and behave just like you want it to. Want to add a custom chart to the page? Explore examples of the E-Charts library. It is built into the Integraxor SCADA system, so you will get the best performance out of it. Want to use another JavaScript library? Just add it to the project and you are good to go (but do not forget to check its licensing first).


Wonder how can the Integraxor SCADA system look? Check the official demo:



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